Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Rest of PAX East 2012 Stuff and Other Awesome Things

But first, the not so awesome things….

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
               The title of this game should be; “Ghost Recon; Exactly Like We’ve Done Before”. How can this be a “future soldier” game when in every iteration of Ghost Recon, players had the ability to wallhack? Why is it fun to know where your enemies are?

Assassins Creed 3
                What a waste of time! I should have known better than to wait in line for this pile of crap from Ubisoft. If you’re expecting anything drastically new from the last five iterations over the same number of years, (which I’m not sure anyone is) then you probably already have decided on whether or not you will be buying Assassins Creed 3.  Assassins vs Templars taking place around the 18th century when America was first being colonized. Another year, another Assassins Creed game. It will also most likely be $60 on PC and most likely be another pass from me. 

Mass Effect 3 Panel
                Another waste of time. Bioware went out of their way to declare they would not be addressing the ending to Mass Effect 3. The good news is the audience was allowed to ask questions after the panel speakers were done talking. What a perfect time to confront Bioware! The panel included a producer of Mass Effect, Level designer, two writers and a QA guy. The first topic? DLC. Ok. Then some talk about Tali and how she’s a racist. OK. Then questions…  And the audience elects to ask about; the Citadel, video game relationships to art, shooting Mordin, WHAT KIND OF TOOLS WERE USED FOR TESTING THE GAME, “If you could throw one character into the synthesis ending, who would it be?”and some lame question about Garrus.  My fellow video gamers disappointed me.

Borderlands 2;
 Another sequel, another game you probably have already decided whether or not you re buying this. Me? I’m not. The first one is a giant mundane repetitive piece of shit. As much as I want to kill dogs for the first 30 levels I think I'll spend my time doing something more fun. 

The Things That Were Cool…

Aliens: Colonial Marines; While waiting in line, we got to speak to the marines, who were not part of Sega marketing or any other contract marketing company, but were rather fans of the Alien franchise and had constructed their own Marine outfits. Sega found these guys online, and hired them to hang out at PAX, which was a nice touch to the authenticity around the Aliens Colonial Marines booth.

The game itself looks OK, definitely not what you would expect from 6 years in the making, but as we learned recently, the game was announced before production had even started. We saw "Pre-Alpha" footage of a live demo of the game. After the live demo, we got to play 5v5 multiplayer against the developers where we were the Marines and the devs were aliens. It was essentially Left 5 Dead only in the Alien Universe. The Aliens even had an equivalent of an tank.

What got me the most excited was this game is actually going to be the canon "sequel" to Aliens. So it follows the events after the movie. You board the Sulaco and see Bishop cut in half, two pods were jettisoned into space alluding to Ripley surviving.... later in the game you apparently get toland on the planet LV-426. One of my questions after the demo was whether the Space Jockey would be making an appearance. And the response I got was; "Well you can't land on LV-426 without bumping into the Space Jockey can you?"

Diablo III Beta Keys;  ( I still haven’t received mine yet but the Blizzard dude said it would take 7-10 days… I’m still hopeful)

Primal Carnage; A multiplayer game that is Left 4 Dead, only putting dinosaurs against humans. The game we played was extremely buggy, but it was also extremely fun in the early pre-alpha development stages. Playing as a T-Rex, velociraptor or pterodactyl you can attack humans in exactly the ways you are envisioning as you read this.  I have high expectations that future demos will be more complete and even more satisfying as this demo was.

Air Mech; The surprise of PAX for me. It’s a multiplayer RTS that can run in your browser. You can even play right now if you’d like; When you hear RTS you immediately think of Command and Conquer, but this RTS is less about placing/building buildings and more about using your super jet/robot transformer to fly over predetermined bases, build your army and attack your opponents in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 co-op play. The devs claim it’s also coming to steam later in the year but you can play the demo right now through your browser.

Super Monday Night Combat; Another wicked fun multiplayer game. Yes it’s a lot like TF2, but it’s more like TF2 on steroids... for free. It was actually released on steam yesterday before I post post this. Seriously, go there right now and you’ll start downloading it. 

PAX East Summary: So yes, I hit up all the major titles and not one of them really sparked any  huge interest. The two places I had the most fun were at the Air Mech booth and Far Cry 3, and the only reason Far Cry 3 seemed so fun was because I got to sit down and rest while I played. Overall I feel 2012 is a weak year for games and I'm surprised more gamers are not bored with the over hyped beaten to death franchises. My only hope is Valve can get me another release soon…

Good Movie’s I’ve Seen Lately

I meant to write full reviews for these but I haven’t had time, so very quickly people should go see, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance if it’s still around in your area. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, also known as the Crank guys (and Gamer), have put their own spin on the Ghost Rider franchise and it really paid off. It’s light-years better than the first movie that also stars Nicholas Cage. This is what Ghost Rider should look and feel like. Johnny Blaze (and Cage) come off as crazy lunatics. Now we need Neveldine and Taylor to tackle the Punisher.

Another great movie out right now is The Cabin in the Woods, written and directed by Drew Goddard, the dude who wrote Cloverfield and a bunch of Lost episodes and co-written by Joss Whedon, the dude who directed awesome movies like Serenity, Thor and the upcoming soon to break every movie record; The Avengers. It’s much better for me not to say why The Cabin in the Woods is so great, because it’s greatness is hidden in a bunch of misdirection in the way the movie was promoted. You just need to trust me that it should be experienced. Don’t ask anyone if they have seen it, don’t Google the synopsis, just go to the movie theater, see the movie and return here and comment on your reaction. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PAX East 2012 Far Cry 3 Impressions

Surprisingly, I spent most of my time at PAX East 2012 at the Far Cry 3 section. Every year, there’s one floor exhibit that “gets it right”. In 2011, it was THQ booth and Red Faction Armageddon. They had four or five stations setup, with exactly 60 seconds of play time with a goal of getting the highest score possible. The player with the highest score at the end of the day, won an iPad. The “60 seconds” aspect was key because it kept the line moving and gamers did not have to wait long to try the game. Plus it was addicting!  In 2010, the folks over at EA (look at that…something positive about EA!) and Skate 3 had a demo called “Wreck Yourself”; again, you have 60 seconds break as many bones in your body as possible, and if you get the highest score, you win some prize that I can’t remember.
                This year, Ubisoft had 16 stations setup where gamers could play a domination styled map, 8v8, for 10 minutes! The player with the highest score on the winning team, got to play in a tournament at the end of the day to play for a spot in an upcoming tournament and win some prizes. Getting 16 players in and out was seamless. The maximum amount of time you would be waiting is 20 minutes, which would put 32 people in front of you and the 10 minute play time was well worth the wait-to-play ratio. Compare this to the 2 hour wait to play Max Payne 3 or the 2 hour wait to watch an “exclusive trailer” to Assassins Creed 3 was a complete waste of time. At the Far Cry 3 booth they actually give you a place to sit down too; an extra bonus!

                Far Cry 3 multiplayer demo (which was a Pre Alpha Build) was fun. The domination mode separates players into two teams, the Pirates and Rebels, and they fight against controlling certain points on the map. The fact that you get to play against your fellow gamers was a treat and the fact that you are actually playing for a reward makes it competitive. There are seven classes to choose from, all having different advantages and disadvantages as well as different weapon config. Far Cry 3 was running on PC, but we were given Xbox 360 controller to play- so aiming wasn’t as accurate as it will be with a mouse and keyboard. The gamplay was pretty standard run and gun- like you would find in any Battlefield or Call of Duty multiplayer map. The map we played only had three capture points so it kept the play area small and action packed.  Like any multiplayer mode in today’s gaming market, there is also a leveling system built in for each class giving different bonuses the higher you climb.
                Ubisoft also built a revive system into the multiplayer modes where if a player dies, they have the option of pro-longing their incapacitated state by button mashing. Keeping yourself alive may be beneficial if your teammates are close to revive you and you’re trying to lock down a capture point. But if you’re fighting alone, it may be a better idea to choose death and respawn somewhere different on the map. Ubisoft also took a page out of the Call of Duty franchise and built in a team point system- the more points you acquire like reviving a teammate or capturing an objective, the more you can spend on air strikes and perks for your teammates. Overall this appears to be a solid multiplayer effort built into the attractive new storyline in the Far Cry series.

                To further promote Far Cry 3, Ubisoft hired a tattoo artist and hair dressers that were giving out free tribal themed tattoos from the game and free Mohawks in exchange for a copy of Far Cry 3 (to the first 100 volunteers). Maybe if this was Half-Life 3 or Diablo III I’d have considered it… 

PAX East 2012 Max Payne 3 Impressions

               This year’s PAX East I took a much different approach to the last two years I attended. This was going to be a much more casual visit to PAX than my previous visits. For starters, I was not going to arrive on day 1, five hours before the exhibit doors open to wait in line with the obnoxious  videos, fellow gamers and no place to sit. The only advantage in doing this is to get close to the front of the line for some highly anticipated games and I just did not feel like doing that this year. I was content waiting.

                Secondly, I wanted to buy a few PAX East 2012 shirts. The previous two years I waited too long and they were sold out before I could get them in my size. I wasn’t going to make this mistake for a third year in a row so getting shirts was number 1 on my TO-DO list this year.

                And lastly, the PAX guys didn’t send me my badge that I purchased back in January, so I had to wait in line at Will Call anyway, at entrance to the Boston Convention Center. PAX people totally dropped the ball on the badges this year. Went I got home on Friday, my badge was in my mailbox.
Max Payne 3 (Meh!)

                Rockstar, which has been known for having fantastic floor displays and demos; Last year we saw a live demo of L.A. Noire, the year before we got a playable demo of Red Dead Redemption. This year we got a playable demo of Max Payne 3.
                After waiting in line for around 2 hours, players got the choice of playing Max Payne 3 on PC, 360 or PS3, which I thought was a fantastic way to give fans what they want. We didn’t have a choice back at PAX 2010; we could only play Red Dead on 360. I tried to wait around for a PC to play on, but my legs were in pain by the end of the line and I folded and opted for a 360.
                Unlike previous Max Payne games, the new Max Payne is stripped of the Noire feel; no comic book styled framed narration. Instead this is replaced by the voice actor of Max Payne speaking over actual video. But the gloomy violin music makes its return and gives Max Payne a nostalgia feel.
                The demo that we were allowed to play was extreeeeeemely difficult even with the standard Max Payne bullet time. I’m not sure which difficulty was set on this demo, but I ended up dying quite a few times. It might have because I have never played Max Payne game on a console before but it was tough finding a comfort zone. GTA and Red Dead work well on a console because of the slower styled pacing of the action. Max Payne 3 is mostly run and gun, which I found difficult to adapt to.
                They added a new feature to Max Payne 3 which players will either hate or love. If you die, the game will immediately enter a bullet time state in which you have a last chance to kill the guy that shot you. If you succeed, you will stay alive and continue the game. This feature is fun when combined with the newly added effects such as enemies with flashlights which will blind Max and their exact location. If you are killed by one of these enemies, the player will need to blindly shoot into the giant lens flare on the screen and hopefully hit the enemy that shot Max. This can be a very rewarding or frustrating gameplay element.
                Another new feature they added that never existed in a Max Payne game before is a cover mechanic. This is not a pop and gun mechanic that exists in Gears of War or Uncharted. It’s more of a cover mechanic that helps Max recover for a bit when there’s a ton of enemies on screen. Max Payne 3 is definitely an ‘always moving’ action game and I think that’s what Rockstar wanted to achieve. They didn’t want a player to hiding behind cover for 90% of the game. This keeps the players constantly on their feet.
                Although I liked the previous Max Payne games, I don’t think I’m too attached to this franchise to be overly excited about even after having played the demo, especially since it is coming from a different developer. Rockstar is known for open world sandbox games and it’s interesting to see them take on new genre game but I don’t see many improvements, aside from technically, that will make me run out and buy Max Payne 3. It’s nice to see the franchise back, and I probably will be buying Max Payne 3 on steam eventually, the question is whether or not I will be buying it at launch. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut?

                Not 30 seconds after I posted myMass Effect 3 rant, I noticed my RSS feed had mentioned something about an EA and Bioware announcement. It sounds like they are making an extended ending of the game to clear up some confusion and bring some closure to the story arc. It won’t address most of my complaints the series has presented over the years, but at least it may address some satisfaction on seeing some familiar characters again.

                The DLC which will be released over the summer will be free and available on all three platforms, Origin, Xbox Live and PSN.

To be continued…

Review: Mass Effect 3: What Bioware Should Have Done

The following Contains ****SPOILERS**** for all three Mass Effect games. Read at your own discrepancy.

I’ve been emotionally invested in the Mass Effect universe since my first play through in November 2007. It had been my most anticipated game for quite some time (with the exception of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 / Half-Life 3). But developer Bioware managed to take a promising RPG franchise and strip away key elements to what made the franchise thought provoking and dumb the series down to a linear action game by the third installment. This write-up suggests ideas on what Mass Effect 3 could have been and my disappointments on the franchise. 

Mass Effect was one of the best action RPGs I had ever played; it introduced an entire new universe, with a dozen new races, technology, planetary worlds, back stories, a feat that is not easy, cheap or quick.

It combined dialogue and morality with in a conversation system that resembled Knights of the Old Republic, giving players the option to be a dick or a nice guy. The same “good” and “evil” approach resembling the dark side or light side of the force in Star Wars. In Mass Effect it is called Paragon and Renegade. Your choices in dialog and decision making with critical events altered the storyline that would affect future events in the game’s inevitable sequels. This involvement with player decisions brings a sense of control that typically isn’t felt in most linear video games. Mass Effect also combined a 3rd person shooter styled view, that brought together action gamers with RPG lovers; allowing players to level up their character, upgrade their abilities and weapons, buy new equipment and make your character look however you want. One of the more interesting sides of Mass Effect was using your space ship, the SSV Normandy, to travel to undiscovered planets in the galaxy, discover distress signals, mine planets for upgrades or just explore new worlds.

                The first Mass Effect brought players up to speed with the universe, introduced the new races, new threats, gave players the choice to fight against the universal evil, the Reapers, and become a hero… a legend. Sure there were flaws, long loading times which depicted the main character Commander  Shepard, standing in elevators EVETYWHERE he went. The in game economy was a bit broken which made it very easy to collect funds and buy tons of upgrades. But these were tiny problems with highly promising franchise. It could only get better from here right? 

The second game needed a way for the player to stage through the leveling techniques a second time, something that puzzles most RPG developers. So Bioware killed off Shepard in the opening scene, rebuilt him and sent him off yet again to explore the galaxy, to scout out a team for one last suicide mission to attack the Reapers head on. You spend the entire game essentially recruiting a team, which causes each team member will ask a favor of Shepard in return for joining the fight. If you succeed in helping your teammate, you will be rewarded with their loyalty. If you fail at winning them over, they will most likely die in the final mission and therefore will not make an appearance in the third game. Failure and success is decided on the choices you make throughout the game. A big factor in surviving the final mission is collecting upgrades for your ship. Every piece adds to the probability of success as well as real time decision making during the final fight. It was a great way for Bioware to showcase effort and time put into the game, with plenty of satisfaction in the ending. It measured how closely players played attention to character skill sets and would involve not only Shepard saving the day (again), but everyone on your team surviving. The main complaint of Mass Effect 2; you spent very little time actually fighting the Reapers during the primary story arch, and the vast majority of the game doing side missions involving your team. Still even with these falws- I’m still deeply invested in the fight against the ReapersShepard and all of the characters you encounter.

But Mass Effect 3 was different from the start. Not only are there much less dialog trees and decision making , for some reason Bioware could not extrapolated the building blocks of the first two games and incorporate it into the third game. Like the 2nd game, you spend roughly the whole game building up war assets to ally with the human alliance to fight off an ongoing Reaper invasion of Earth (much like you spent the whole time during ME2 building your team). This time around you encounter many more Reapers for they have finally invaded the galaxy and are gradually taking over worlds, swallowing the Milky Way. But for some reason, regardless of how many war assets you acquire, Bioware decided to make this building block completely redundant in the finale. Whether you get 30 warships to help you or 3000, the finale battle carries out the exact same way. What makes matters worse, in the finale confrontation with Shepard and the Illusive man, you are required to use a Renegade context-sensitive interrupt. Even if you have decided to go full Paragon for the whole game, failure to use this Renegade interrupt will end the game. GAME OVER. When has Bioware ever allowed this to happen?

What Bioware should have done?  ****SPOILERS****

                After collecting war assets throughout the game which takes between 30-40 hours, after recruiting the Krogan, Turians, Quarian and Geth, after arriving at Earth and the Commander gives the signal to attack the Reapers, the choices you make throughout the game and series start to go into effect.

                 Shepard could be tasked with sending in the first wave of attack.  He could choose the Quarians, who could either by backed by the Geth alliance or weakened from the war with the Geth. Whatever decision you made in Mass Effect 3 would affect how the Quarians battle.  Shepard could send in the Turians with their advanced fleet, or Earth’s Alliance fleet, which based on your Mass Effect 1 choices on whether or not you chose to save the council or attack Sovereign would decide whether the Alliance fleet was weak or strong.

                Moving on with the ground assault on Earth,  Shepard could decide to send in whomever is left. Again based on your first decision above, you could send in the Quarians, allied or not with the Geth, and if you completed the side mission could be backed by the Geth Primes. Or the Turians who are newly alliance with the Krogan after curing the Genophage, a decision from earlier in the game. Or The Salarians could team up with the Humans and fight together on the ground.

                As  Shepard  makes these two important decisions, he finally reaches the Citadel, where you again use the remaining forces that were not chosen to help  Shepard battle forces to get to the Illusive Man. Depending on the Citadel side quests you completed throughout the game the Citadel would either be full of dead bodies (if very little quests were carried out) or a decent defense force.

                Finally at the command room with the Illusive Man indoctrinated and fighting like Saren did in the first game, (adding a little bit of nostalgia here) if  Shepard has enough Paragon or Renegade points, he can either convince the Illusive Man to help him turn on the Harbringer or have  Shepard take control of the Reapers. Either decision has The Harbringer appear and begins to fight  Shepard . Depending on who you chose to fight in the space battle and the foot battle, will determine how easily or hard it is to fight the Illusive Man and Harbringer. Once defeated, the Catalyst appears; if you convinced Illusive Man to turn on the Harbringer, the Catalyst decides the cycle is broken and no longer needs the influence “the decision”. Otherwise,  Shepard will have the choice between the A, B and C endings.

                But the most important piece to the ending; Seeing how each race comes out of the battle, where each member of  Shepard's team is and their health, and finally, seeing a final shot of  Shepard ; alive or dead.

Other Disappointments ****SPOILERS****

                Part what connects players to the game are the characters. Mass Effect 3 contains characters from all three games, but many of my teammates were killed off during ME3 in completely unrelated events. Kelly, Legion, Mordin, Thane… and many you see for only a brief moment. In Mass Effect you have the option of selecting from six squad members. In Mass Effect 2 you have the option to use 13 squad members! The natural evolution of video games tells us you should be able to select from 18 squad members in Mass Effect 3, but the number actually is reduced back to 6 with Ashley (in the hospital for a good chunk of the game which brings it down to 5).

                Although the controls of Mass Effect 3 appear to be much less stiff than the previous two installments, the addition of the new melee mechanic might be the worst afterthought in the series thus far. This is an action shooter now. It’s not an RPG anymore. It stopped being an RPG in ME2. Everyone in space has a weapon that shoots some kind of ammo. Every room has an obvious barrier Shepard can hide behind. Why do I need a virtual sword on my arm? The AI should not be getting close enough to me where I would need to use a melee attack in the first place. Every enemy in the game, and sometimes even your AI allies, has horrible instincts. Enemies appear behind Shepard and your allies are useless in helping you defend areas. But what game actually does have intelligent AI?

                Loading times have not been improved at all. We have gone from annoyingly long elevator sequences to annoying long schematics sequences to annoyingly long animated art. You even need to pass through a “scanner” to get from one side of the Normandy to the other. The scanner, which Shepard needs to go through even though he’s Commander of the freakin Normandy, is put in place as a loading screen.

                Finally the biggest disappointment of Mass Effect 3 the lack of familiarity throughout the series. I was bummed when they reduced the exploration area at the Citadel from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, in Mass Effect 3 they give you a whole new area to explore. Nothing is familiar yet again. You also cannot travel to other spots that you could have in any of the previous Mass Effect games. Sure the planetary systems are the same, but you cannot travel to the Urdnot clan on Tuchanka, there’s no Omega, No Illium, No Shadowbroker Ship, No Freedom Progress, No Eden Prime… It could have been interesting to see how some of these familiar establishments were affected by the pending Reaper invasion.

                Any any rate, my disappointment in this franchise started with ME2, and was completely dissolved by ME3. The ending given to us felt too rushed, too uninspired, and completely unsatisfying. I’ve been let down before with games, but the amount of hours put into this trilogy made the disappointment  feel different than before. It felt magnified. I felt no sense of satisfaction; I once thought Bioware had great vision, but today they feel like another infected developer under the EA umbrella

I am attending PAX East this weekend. I hope I get to speak to someone from Bioware. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 (UPDATED)

APRIL UPDATE: I feel like i need to make a quick adjustment to this list since some movies have been pushed to 2013 (Oz, World War Z) and I need to clean up some mistakes in my original post. The meat of the list remains the same.

20. Chronicle (Trank) To finish off the list I have a movie that appears to be what Akira fans have been waiting for. Another low budget thriller. Trailer is very promising.

19. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Bekmambetov) Replacing World War Z on my list is the film adaptation of the best selling novel- What if before Lincoln was President, he killed vampires for a living? It's being directed by the guy who ruined WANTED, but also adapted Night Watch and Day Watch nicely.

18. The Lords of Salem (Zombie) Rob Zombie’s last Halloween movie was a disaster, so he’s returning to Salem Massachusetts to direct a movie about the witch trials. Actually, the synopsis sounds a lot like an R rated Hocus Pocus.

17. John Carter (Stanton) An interesting adaptation, but the trailer is too much CGI for me. Brings back horrific memories of Attack of the Clones. Trailer below.

16. Total Recall (Wiseman) Colin Farrell seems to be rebooting his carrier with strong performances in Horrible Bosses and the Fright Night remake. We all love Arnie’s original, will the remake be as strong?

15. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Jackson) No description necessary. Trailer Below.

14. Dark Shadows (Burton) Replacing Oz, surprise surprise Burton and Depp team up again to remake this 1960 soap opera. Also not surprising, it looks like Depp has added a fun new character to his resume. 

13. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence (Neveldine & Talor) The first movie was horrible, so the studio decided to reboot it with a quasi-sequel that was darker. The first footage they released during comic con had Nicholas Cage pissing fire. Will the movie hold up? Trailer below.

12. Silent Hill: Revelation (Bassett) – Not much has been shown other than some set work on their Facebook page. The first movie was the closest we’ve seen to a decent video game to movie adaptation. Can we expect equally great things from Silent Hill 2?

11. Argo (Affleck) Ben Affleck’s new film about a CGI agent freeing Americans at the Canadian ambassador. Affleck’s last movie The Town was quite good, and he might be on the rise as a prestige Hollywood director.

10. Skyfall (Mendes) The new Bond movie due out next year. No set pieces or trailers have been released yet.

9. The Avengers (Whedon) What as the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor brought us? Finally a movie with seven super heroes teaming up against some dark evil. Trailer Below.

8. The Hunger Games (Ross) The book was a huge hit (even if it was a complete rip-off from Battle Royale) so the movie should get extra attention. Will it? Trailer Below.

7. Brave (Andrews & Chapman) Pixar’s new beautiful movie. Trailer Below

6. The Dictator (Charles) Sacha Baron Cohen’s genius is returns to the big screen. Trailer Below

5. The Amazing Spider-Man (Webb) After Sam Raimi was forced out from the studio due to creative differences, Spider-Man was rebooted with a new director and cast. Hard to tell from the first trailer how good it will be. I sure hope that FPS view at the end is cut out of the final movie. Trailer Below

4. Django Unchained (Tarantino) Quentin Tarantino’s new movie: Synopsis: “With the help of his mentor, a slave-turned bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

3. Taken 2 (Megaton) Did you see Taken? Well Taken 2 should have even more Liam Neeson kicking ass. No trailer is released yet.

2. Prometheus (Scott) Ridley Scot returns to the genre he created with what appears to be a prequel to Alien (only he won’t describe it that way). I highly recommend watching this trailer in HD. Trailer Below

1. The Dark Knight Rises (Nolan) Chris Nolan and Christian Bale return for the epic conclusion of the Batman trilogy. Trailer Below