Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

Usually you do these kinds of lists in January or December of the previous year. I’m late, but luckily there hasn’t been much released in the first quarter of the year that I was interested in. So here’s my top 20 anticipated movie list for 2011. I’m getting this idea from my boy MadMan.

1. Tree of Life

2. Super (Review Soon)

3. Super 8

4. X-Men: First Class

5. Extraterrestre

6. Stake Land

7. Hobo With a Shotgun

8. Anonymous

9. Apollo 18

10. Carnage

11. Rubber

12. Knights of Badassdom

13. Piranha 3DD

14. Conan the Barbarian

15. Cowboys & Aliens

16. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

17. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

18. Immortals

19. Captain America: The First Avenger

20. Thor

Intentionally left off the list: The Hangover Part II and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Two movies that will no doubt be completely underwhelming compared to their predecessors. So it’s hard to anticipate something where there’s a high probability of disappointing me. Throw Transformers; Dark of the Moon on there too.

Tree of Life: Ever since the movie was first announced to be in production back in 2008. We finally have a trailer to go with the title, so it appears to be finally getting released.

Super 8: Creator of Lost J. J. Abram’s new movie, produced by Steven Spielberg will definitely generate some hype this summer. Abrams always delivers exceptional teasers to his work to draw in interest and it’s hard to turn away from this fantastic trailer.

X-Men: First Class: A brand new trailer this week peaked my interest for this movie, ignoring the terrible one-sheets. My prediction, this comic book movie will be the best of the pack; better than Captain America, Thor and The Green Latern which I didn’t even put on my list. The CGI and setup just looks so terrible.

Extraterrestre: It’s high my list because of the lack of information I have for it. But it’s essentially Cloverfield… with aliens.

Stake Land: Yeh Yeh it’s another zombie movie… but watch this trailer and tell me this doesn’t interest you a tiny bit.

Anonymous: Disaster film expert, Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day, The Day After a Tomorrow) has taken on a script that has nothing to do with the destruction of American cities. The plot? What if William Shakespeare, didn’t write the plays and sonnets he’s known for.

Apollo 18: A movie that depicts events about a moon mission, that ended up being canceled, or at least that’s what the public was told. Trailer here.

Cowboys & Aliens: Director of Iron Man, John Favreau’s adaptation of a comic book based on a western setting that gets invaded by aliens. The footage has been described as Unforgiven meets Independence Day. The trailers look action packed, but how long into the movie will it really stray from a gritty

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: The last Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. In this movie, it’s rumored that Jeremy Renner will be taking over the reigns as the new MI agent and Cruise (Ethan Hunt) will be training him for future movies in the franchise.

The rest of the blockbusters are clumped together at the bottom of my list because I just don’t expect them to be great movies. Thor and Captain America will be mediocre “starting films” for the Avengers movie that started filming this week, but I question how interesting these movies will be. Captain America is over Thor because Hugo Weaving is playing Red Skull… which just sounds badass. Can’t wait to see him in the skull.