Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Currently Obsessed With (February 2012 Edition)

I appear to be falling out of the music scene. As the months go by, very little new music interests me. I don’t follow my go-to bands anymore from the 90s. Rancid, Incubus, Drop Kick Murphys, 311, Bad Religion, Social D, Hed Pe, Pantera. Remember Fear Factory? And when I mean I don’t follow them I don’t anticipate new their new music like I used to.

I listen to my Google Music collection, and stream SiriusXM and nothing feels as great as it used to. I can’t stand terrestrial radio. The commercials alone are worth me paying for satellite. Pandora can mix things up for you but you run out of minutes and I’d rather pay for a service with Howard Stern than one that doesn’t have him. But I’ve essentially given up actively searching for new music. Until great music crosses my path, I will have never known it existed. And this is exactly what happened as I watching the movie Drive (which btw is equally awesome) . Two songs I am utterly obsessed with right now, had to download them on my phone, on my PC and anywhere else a speaker exists. For your listening pleasure, I give you Kavinsky – Nightcall and College feat Electric Youth – A Real Hero.