Friday, September 28, 2012

What I'm Currently Obsessed With (September 2012 Edition)

I have a ton of reviews to get to and hopefully I'll post them soon, but I thought I'd do a quick "What I'm currently obsessed with" post like I did in February and last year. Most people know of the movie Dredd, currently in theaters. It's a reboot of the 1995 classic Judge Dredd starting Sylvester Stallone, only a lot more dark and a lot more violent. Some of the trailers begin with some beautiful music that sets the tone for the film perfectly. The artist is La Roux and the song is In for the Kill. Once I saw the trailer I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded to my iPod. So now I listen to it 60 times a day like I did when Nightcall was featured in the movie Drive.  Below you will find the song and the trailer that introduced me to it. Let me know what you think.