Monday, March 21, 2011

What I'm Currently Obsessed With (March 2011 Edition)

In a new segment I like to call, What I'm Currently Obsessed With, I will highlight the thing (Book, Movie, Video Game, Youtube Video, Song, Etc) that... I'm currently obsessed with. Even though it feels like I don't have time for anything anymore (except for that 1 hour time block from 11pm-12am every night where I watch Adult Swim) I still think I can still write about AT LEAST one obsession every month. Who knows, I might even have to make this a weekly bit.

Over at (which for anyone who doesn't know is an affiliation with the SyFy network) made a new posts about the French director Jean-Luc Godard's love for guns in sci-fi movies. So he created a cool picture that includes 26 of his favorite ray guns from various movies and TV shows. I've become infatuated with trying to guess all 26. I currently have 20.

I have been cropping out the guns that I have guessed correctly and later tonight I will post a shot of what I have left. Maybe someone can help me out. Until then, enjoy trying to figure them out.